Protect Your Privacy on Facebook by Tuning Apps and Removing Old Ones

There are Things You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

I bet you’d be surprised to find out how many apps on Facebook have full access to your information. That means they can use it for all sorts of uses that you probably didn’t imagine they would.?For example,?a game you got bored of 6 months ago and never use still has access?to your profile, contacts, communications and more.

To review and remote these stale privacy leeches (and fine-tune the ones you DO use):

  1. click on the arrow at the top right of your screen on FB
  2. click Privacy Settings
  3. click on “Apps and Websites” -> Edit Settings
  4. click on “Apps you use” -> Edit Settings

You’ll most likely next see an astoundingly long list of Apps that have access to your info, some grouped into “More than 6 months ago”. Each one of these apps typically has access such as “Access any time” and “Access my contact information“, letting them see when you are online.

?My suggestions:

  1. remove ALL apps you don’t use any longer
  2. remove the settings like ‘Access any time’ and anything that you don’t want the app to do
  3. repost this so your friends can become aware too.

Feel free to comment back too if you were surprised to see the list!