Amazing Black Friday Deal + My Coupon Code: Website Hosting on

If you have a website, need a website, were ever thinking of having a website or have a cousin who’s got a roommate who has a friend that could conceivably want a website… you need to check out this deal!

Hostgator is my hosting provider and there's not another I'd give a stronger recommendation for!Any day of the year you can get excellent web hosting services from me provided by the excellent folks at As a reseller, I provide my clients in Nampa, Idaho and beyond with my personal support of their web hosting accounts for the event that they might have questions or a problem. Additionally, as a Affiliate, clicking on my links on my website to‘s website is another way to support my small northern California business.

But tonight I’m writing to you with this simple plea:


I have never seen a deal as good as what Hostgator is offering on their Black Friday 2010 specials!

Here’s what is offering for it’s Black Friday hosting deals, as described straight from Hostgator:

We’re offering 50% OFF EVERYTHING From 12:00AM CST ? 5AM CST That’s 10:00PM – 3AM Pacific

We’re offering 80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM ? 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first receive; so definitely don’t miss out!) That’s 3AM – 7AM Pacific

From 9AM ? 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, we will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING That’s 7AM – 9:59PM Pacific

This applies to ALL Accounts and ALL Term Lengths. So [my] visitors and friends will have the opportunity to receive up to 80% off of up to 3 years worth of Hosting! That would come out to $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS!

That includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting AND even Dedicated Servers!


This will apply to the client’s first invoice (first term length they sign up for whether that be 1 month or for 3 years).

Now here’s the part where you get a deal even if you already have hosting!

Hostgator will take all your files, databases, email accounts and the whole package so that you don't have to work at it to save a grip of money!Hostgator will transfer your data, databases, email accounts and the whole shebang for you FOR FREE! So if you’re on another hosting provider already that costs any more than these deals – and trust me – you are! – then you can still get in on this deal and save some major money.

Some examples of the ridiculous deals that you can get on Black Friday, this week:

Sign up for Hosgator's Baby plan for less than $36 for 3 whole years if you pre-pay for 3 years!1 year of UNLIMITED storage and UNLIMITED bandwidth hosting for as many domains pointing to the site for $23.88!
(Baby Plan – 12 months prepaid)

Sign up for the Hostgator Hatchling plan and get a year of hosting for $23.88 - or even less per year when you sign up for 2 or 3 years!3 years of UNLIMITED storage and UNLIMITED bandwidth hosting for $35.64
(Hatchling Plan – 36 months prepaid)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Email, Facebook or Phone and I will be glad to help!

And remember… you’re gonna have to get up early – but it’s the early bird that gets the worm!

Use coupon code “graphicpilot” when you sign up so they’ll give you the ‘special treatment’! 😉