How to Log In to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Let’s face it: when you’re still new at WordPress, even the easiest of tasks to even the brainiest of computer geeks can be like solving a word puzzle devised by some superior alien race.

Don’t worry, I get it. I was there not so long ago myself. So lets take a look at how to login to your WordPress administrative control panel, affectionately named the “Dashboard”.

Here are your super-simple 3 easy steps:

  1. Assuming your WordPress installation is in the root of your public folder (“public_html”), your administrative login is located at
      • For regular non-jedi users like the commenting public – it’s at
      1. Enter your WordPress user name into the ‘Username’ box
      2. Enter your WordPress password into the ‘Password’ box, then click ‘Log In’
      3. Voila! You’re in. Ok, that’s not really a step. But just the three steps just seemed so lonely without this one


        1. This is accomplished in the “General” section of Settings in your WordPress dashboard. Just make sure that the addresses specified in both WordPress Address and Site Address include the “www” and it will make sure that you have that in your viewers’ address bar.

          IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure before you do this that you have documentation of your WordPress password. If you have been storing your password to be filled-in automatically by your browser, upon changing your WordPress URL, your browser will likely see your site as a new site since the address has changed. Once you store it again you should be good.

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